Edge Runner

Edge Runner is used for mixing of foundry chemicals, plasters, moulding sand, foundry fluxes, food colours, etc. excellent where an amount of binder or agglomerate is to be blended into the material. Also used for densification of the mixture. The pan is stationary inside which rotate heavy duty mullers/rollers. The heavy wide rollers ride over the material where intensive crushing, shearing and mixing action takes place. Scrappers and ploughs are provided for directing the mass into the path of the rollers. The machine is also available with granite rolls and pan. .

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Low Power COnsumption

Faster Grinding Time

No special attention required while Mills is running

Easy cleaning

Safe and easy performance

 Low maintenance cost

Uniform quality throughout the whole batch

Wet or Dry both products can be grounded

The above mentioned features are subject to change depending on the customer requirment





Floor Oxide

Dry Cement Paint

Cement Base Wall Putty

Tile Fixing Compound

Construction Chemicals

Water proofing Compound

And  Other Chemicals Processing Industries Etc.


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